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The Heart and Soul of Purr-fection!

🐾 About Tigre:
With a personality as vibrant as his name suggests, Tigre is the epitome of feline charm. This social butterfly has never met a stranger in his life – be they human, canine, or fellow feline. His loving nature and outgoing spirit make him the perfect companion for anyone looking for a chatty and affectionate sidekick.

🐾 Why Tigre is Special:
Tigre doesn’t just walk into a room – he owns it! His talkative meows are filled with stories you’d swear he was itching to tell. His expressive eyes sparkle with curiosity and a zest for life that’s simply contagious. He’s the kind of cat who will eagerly await your return, ready to regale you with his ‘tales’ and listen to yours.

🐾 Compatibility:
Have other pets? Tigre says, “The more, the merrier!” His resume boasts a glowing track record of getting along famously with cats, dogs, and humans of all ages. He’s the furry embodiment of harmony, ready to blend into your family like he’s always been a part of it.

🐾 Looking for a Forever Home:
Tigre is in search of a forever home that is as warm and welcoming as his sweet purrs. He promises to be your loyal confidant, your entertainer, and your snuggle buddy through thick and thin. If your life could use a little more love and laughter, Tigre is your guy!

Will you be the lucky one to write the next chapter in Tigre’s story? Come by and meet this whiskered wonder – you might just find that Tigre is the companion you never knew you were missing.

Date Of Birth: 01/05/2021
Breed: Classic Tabby

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