Adopting, fostering, or sponsoring a dog from Halfway Home Animal Shelter can help reduce the number of stray dogs on the streets of Costa Rica. Learn how you can help save a dog’s life today.

How You Can Help

Halfway Home Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization working to better the lives of hundreds of animals rescued in Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula with the help of volunteers and donations.

Donate One Time

Every dollar helps save a dog’s life. There is no amount too small or too large. Your one-time donation can make a difference.

Donate Monthly

Halfway Home Animal Shelter relies on its monthly donations in order to continue feeding and sheltering every rescued dog.

Sponsor a Dog

With your contribution, you can help change the life of a dog that has yet to find its forever home. Show them how much you care.

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We need all the likes and shares we can get in order to make sure the word gets out about these dogs in need of a home.

Volunteer With Us

Are looking for a fun way to hit your weekly steps goal? Want to play with puppies and help find them a home? Make a difference in the lives of countless dogs and volunteer!

Give Voice

The more people who become aware of the homeless animal problem, the more people who are able to help make a difference.

Adopt a pet or help sponsor one

Whether you’re looking to add a dog or cat to your family or you’re trying to help change the life of a homeless animal, Halfway Home Animal Rescue will help you make a difference.


Energetic and Loving


ready for a forever home


Super sweet for a family.


Gentle and low energy.


Abril has incredible drive and is joyful to be around. Quite energetic even with 3 legs. This dog wont let anything stop her from surviving. 


Very easy going, gets along with other dogs, not phased by cats and is good around children.


Energetic and loving. This guy would love to be excersiced daily with long walks and possible runs! He is young and still learning but is eage


Ginger is a good natured dog, but she is a big dog and quite strong. She needs an owner who can direct her and stay the alpha. She is friendly with other dogs but likes to dominate the smaller sized breeds. Great with kids and can make a good family dog.


The kindest dog on the planet.

Osso is a fun loving teenager, ready to take on the world. Easy going, loves to
take walks and would love a big back yard.

Easy going and happy


Very good natured and good with other animals, fun girl. 

Mousse & Tica, Brother & Sister

When Mousse moved to Costa Rica, he was the dog of the house. He enjoyed having the house to himself and didn’t need another dog to join his domain. Little did he know, his mom and dad would soon bring home an unlikely sister he would quickly fall in love with.

Tica was a kitten rescue from Halfway Home, but is now the sidekick in Tamarindo’s cutest duo. Read more about how Tica forever changed the lives of her human parents and her big pupper brother Mousse.

Sucess Stories

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This is your chance to help them

Halfway Home Animal Shelter is a certified non-profit located in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. We operate thanks to the hard work and dedication of our volunteers and our sponsors like you. Every dollar helps change the life of a homeless dog rescued by our volunteers.

If you’d like to help contribute to our organization, please use our fully secure PayPal donation portal to easily donate any amount you feel comfortable with. Choose the preset amount that works best for you, or enter your own amount to customize your donation. There is no such thing as a donation too small or too large.

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The donation is made in US dollars and payment will be made securely via PayPal. There are no donation minimums. Any donation amount is accepted and greatly appreciated.

Success Stories

Hear what these incredible people had to say about their experience adopting a pet from the Halfway Home Animal Rescue. We are so thankful to everyone who adopts a dog or cat!


Steve – USA

I knew he had to come home with me once I saw Buddy’s cute little puppy face. Getting him home to the US was much easier than I thought because Halfway Home had already taken care of all the vaccines he needed in order to enter the US.

Home Safe!

Mary – Canada

There is no better feeling than knowing you were able to change the life of a dog who didn’t have a home. I never knew adopting could be so easy and affordable. Many thanks to Halfway Home!

So Grateful

Scotty – Tamarindo

We said we wanted a puppy but when we saw Cocoa there was no doubt she was perfect for us. We are so happy to have rescued an older dog. Halfway Home never gave up on her and neither will we!

We Love Her

There Is No Dog Or Cat Too Homeless To Be Rescued. All Animals Need Love.

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