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The epitome of sweetness and boundless joy!

Rescue #204
Date Rescued: 5/29/22
Estimated Date of Birth: 2/2022
Gender: Male – Neutered
Breed: Mixed Breed, Possible Shepard

About Rosco

This charming boy has a heart as big as his playful spirit, and his enthusiasm for life is simply contagious. One of Rosco’s special talents is his ability to bounce with exuberance, reaching heights that might just surprise you. Our volunteers can’t get enough of his lively antics, and he never fails to bring smiles and laughter to those around him.

Rosco’s love for life doesn’t stop at walking – he is fortunate to have a dedicated ambassador who takes him to the beach regularly for long and invigorating walks. His beachside escapades reveal a side of Rosco that truly shines – a dog who revels in the joy of running through the sand and splashing in the water for hours on end.

This water-loving pup is not only a beach enthusiast but also a social butterfly. Rosco’s friendly and gentle nature makes him an excellent choice for families with children, and he seamlessly gets along with other dogs. His beach outings have enhanced his social skills, and he’s ready to share his love for the sea and sand with a forever family.

If you’re in search of a four-legged friend who brings joy, laughter, and a bit of acrobatic flair into your life, Rosco is the one for you. Visit our adoption center today to witness Rosco’s charm in action and discover the delight of having a sweet and playful companion by your side. Embrace the joy that Rosco brings, and let this bouncing bundle of love become a cherished member of your family. Adopt Rosco and embark on a journey filled with laughter, love, and endless adventures.

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