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A resilient & spirited canine with a heart full of stories.

Rescue #TBD
Date Rescued: 20/6/23
Estimated Date of Birth: 11/21
Gender: Male – Neutered
Breed: Mixed Breed

About Nelly

This incredible pup faced abandonment as a vulnerable puppy, but thanks to the compassion of a rescuer and the dedication of Halfway Home, Nelly’s journey continues with hope and promise.

Nelly is more than just a survivor; he’s a testament to the transformative power of love and care. This handsome boy walks well on a leash, showcasing his adaptability and willingness to explore the world by your side. His friendly nature extends to both humans and furry friends, making him a joy to be around.

Nelly’s playful spirit comes to life in his love for jumping – an expression of his exuberance and happiness. His interactions with other dogs are marked by friendliness, but he does have a playful penchant for chasing chickens and birds, adding a touch of adventure to his character.

This strong and sturdy boy has a medium-sized body, and despite his challenging start, he has overcome tick fever and is now thriving. Fully up to date on vaccines, Nelly is ready for the next chapter of his life, one filled with love, security, and the freedom to run and explore.

If you have a place where Nelly can stretch his legs and enjoy the thrill of a good run, consider welcoming this resilient pup into your home. Visit our adoption center today to meet Nelly, experience his friendly and playful demeanor, and provide him with the loving forever home he deserves. Adopt Nelly and become a part of his journey towards a future filled with joy, companionship, and the freedom to run.

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