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Sweet & gentle, who has a heart full of love waiting to blossom.

Rescue #186
Date Rescued: 8/2022
Estimated Date of Birth: 7/2022
Gender: Female – Neutered
Breed: Mixed, Medium

About Lucy

Lucy’s journey began in the shelter, where she has grown up surrounded by the familiar sights and sounds of her temporary home. This environment has become her comfort zone, providing her with a sense of security in the midst of uncertainty.

Lucy may initially appear shy and hesitant when faced with new sounds and environments, but beneath that initial reserve is a loving and affectionate soul just waiting to be discovered. With the right companion by her side, Lucy has the potential to overcome these obstacles and unveil the full extent of her warm and endearing personality.

This lovely girl is a quick learner, especially when paired with someone patient and understanding. A little time and effort invested in helping Lucy build confidence will undoubtedly result in a deep and lasting bond. Imagine the joy of witnessing Lucy’s transformation into a more outgoing and confident companion under the guidance of a caring friend.

One of Lucy’s remarkable qualities is her ability to get along well with other dogs, cats, and children. Her gentle nature makes her a fantastic addition to households with various furry or human companions. Lucy’s adaptability and social skills showcase her potential to seamlessly integrate into a loving family environment.

If you’re seeking a loyal and affectionate companion who may need a bit of time to come out of her shell, Lucy could be the perfect match for you. Take a trip to our adoption center and spend some time getting to know this charming girl. Come fall in love with Lucy today and be a part of her journey as she discovers the warmth and security of a forever home. Your patience and love could be the key to unlocking the true beauty of Lucy’s loving spirit.

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