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The delightful dynamo with a heart as big as his energy!

Rescue #TBD
Date Rescued: 05/2023
Estimated Date of Birth: 04/2023
Gender: Male – Neutered
Breed: Mixed – Medium/Large

About Duke


This high-energy pup is not only a bundle of enthusiasm but also incredibly smart and eager to learn, making him the perfect companion for those seeking an active and intelligent furry friend.

Duke’s zest for life is infectious, and he would thrive in an environment where he can get daily exercise to channel his abundant energy. Whether it’s going for runs, playing fetch in the backyard, or enjoying long walks, Duke is your ideal partner for staying active and creating lasting memories together.

This super smart pup is a quick learner, showcasing a willingness to acquire new skills. Duke is already mastering leash manners and enthusiastically taking on other training challenges. His intelligence and eagerness to please make him an engaging companion for those who enjoy the process of teaching and bonding with their canine friends.

If you’re an active individual or family seeking a spirited and trainable dog, Duke could be the perfect match. Visit our adoption center today to meet Duke, experience his super sweet nature, and consider making him a cherished member of your family. With Duke by your side, you’ll not only gain a loving companion but also a dynamic and intelligent partner for all your daily adventures. Adopt Duke and embark on a journey of energy, intelligence, and the unwavering loyalty of a truly remarkable canine friend.

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