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Spicy is a barrel of FUN! This little girl can run circles around anyone and she gets her name from her fun loving attitude. Spicy is Spicy! She can also jump the highest of fences! Spicy does well with all others, kids, cats and other dogs. We dont know why she hasnt been adopted yet! She was found when she was just a baby on the side of the road, with tarsalows embedded in her skin and malnourished.


Bali was found outside the veterinary clinic with a collar on. She is so gorgeous we were certain her owners would show up but nothing… Bali is a bundle of joy. When you see her at first in the shelter she is a bundle of energy and desperate for your love to get her out. Bali loves to cuddle and travels well in the car, she does great with kids, cats and other dogs. We don’t believe she is going to get much bigger, est 8kgs small.


Nelly was actually abandoned as a puppy and a rescuer took him in until she was forced to leave the country. Halfway Home took over his case. Nelly walks well on a leash, likes to jump, is friendly with other dogs and likes to chase chickens and birds. Friendly with cats and kids. Hes a pretty strong boy with a good sized medium body. He was with tick fever but now doing well. Fully up to date on vaccines.


Coquita was brought into the rescue with her 14 day old puppies. Coquita was found in a place in Tamarindo in poor conditions with the babies out in the hot sun and no water or food. Coquita has shown to be very protective of her babies but when away from them to be quite a lovely girl and no aggressive behavior. She likes to go for walks and is healthy. No other illness was present. Coquita will be spayed when she is ready and is up to date on vaccines.


Bandido was found in the Reserva Conchal area just wandering the streets. He’s a happy and easy going guy, with a lot of love to give. Bandido so far has tested well with cats and with kids. He’s around 1.5 years old as of July 2023. So far no issues with other dogs.


Lejuno is an easy going boy. He gets along with all the other dogs and is never too loud or noisy. He loves to play, take walks and would love a human to take him home. We believe Lejuno would be suited to any kind of lifestyle although he’s not an overly active dog. He’s a good companion and is interested in cats (meaning he likes to check them out, but wouldn’t eat them!)


Sammi is a beautiful spunky little girl. We have so much love for this munchkin who has really had a tough run in her days. Sammi was found wandering hungry, hot and full of skin issues. She was rescued and put into a foster home. Sammi was found to have some serious gut issues and now can only tolerate a raw food diet. So we classy her our special Sammi. She is in need of someone who can keep this up for the next few months at least until it improves. We are not sure of the outcome of her sensitivities but it’s the only thing that has helped her stomach. Sammi is quite little given her age as she for a long time wasn’t able to get enough nutrients. That doesn’t stop her from having fun, loving, hugging and just enjoying life. She loves to take walks and is great with other dogs and kids. Adopt her today please.


Pickles is a super sweet guy. He’s done growing now so he’s not a big fella. He has a heart of gold and is a little anxious now to leave the shelter as its all he knows. He needs someone who can show him a real home and real love and that its okay to go out as he will get to come home with you time and time again. Does great with kids and other dogs and cats.


Teo was brought to us for help when he was witnessed to be thrown out of a vehicle with a large gash on his hind leg. It was determined by the doctors that Teo had suffered a blow to his hind leg with a machete and would require surgery. Teo’s left rear leg was removed and he began his healing journey. Teo is definitely very cautious of humans but is beginning to trust and even walks over for pats now. Teo loves to go for walks and is gaining confidence and strength everyday. Teo does much better with another dog with him and so would benefit in a multi dog household. Teo is such a good boy and given his story he deserves the world.


Linnie was found abused and with a small bullet hole in her foot in the area of Los Jobos. The shards were removed and cleaned up and she has healed well, occasionally limping! Linnie was found with her litter of 6 puppies, starving and in poor condition. Linnie didn’t let anything slow her down, she has the most energy and she is dying for attention and love. All our volunteers try to spend time with her to calm her energy and give her much needed love and support. She is a well rounded dog and is currently a support dog for our tripod resident. Linnie is a sweet girl looking for a family to love and support her.