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Intelligent, and perfectly suited for a life of purpose and productivity

Rescue #220
Date Rescued: 5/2022
Estimated Date of Birth: 2/2022
Gender: Male – Neutered
Breed: Hunting dog, mixed

About Canelo

This intelligent and robust dog thrives on the fulfillment of a strong job task, making him an ideal candidate for farm work or any task that demands strength and intelligence during the day.

Canelo’s background suggests he may have been used for hunting, showcasing his keen instincts and sharp mind. His strong work ethic and intelligence make him more of a work companion than a lap dog. If you have a need for a dedicated and capable partner in tasks that require strength and agility, Canelo is the dog for you.

This adventurous soul loves to get out and about, relishing in long and invigorating adventures. Whether it’s exploring the great outdoors, navigating a farm, or tackling challenging tasks, Canelo’s boundless energy and enthusiasm for work make him an asset for those seeking a canine partner in their daily activities.

If you’re in search of a reliable and diligent working dog who brings intelligence, strength, and a love for outdoor adventures, Canelo is your ideal companion. Visit our adoption center to meet this exceptional dog, experience his strong and capable demeanor, and consider making him an invaluable member of your team. Adopt Canelo and embark on a journey of productivity, purpose, and the enduring partnership of a dedicated work dog.

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