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+506 8675 -8118


Mon - Sun: 8:00 - 5:00 pm

Name: Teo


Date Rescued: 11/5/23

Est DOB: 11/22

Gender: Macho, Neutered

Breed: Mixed

Temperament: Teo was brought to us for help when he was witnessed to be thrown out of a vehicle with a large gash on his hind leg. It was determined by the doctors that Teo had suffered a blow to his hind leg with a machete and would require surgery. Teo’s left rear leg was removed and he began his healing journey. Teo is definitely very cautious of humans but is beginning to trust and even walks over for pats now. Teo loves to go for walks and is gaining confidence and strength everyday. Teo does much better with another dog with him and so would benefit in a multi dog household. Teo is such a good boy and given his story he deserves the world.

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