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+506 8675 -8118


Mon - Sun: 8:00 - 5:00 pm

Name: Linnie


Date Rescued: 18/4/23

Est DOB: 2020

Gender: Female, Spayed.

Breed: Mixed

Linnie was found abused and with a small bullet hole in her foot in the area of Los Jobos. The shards were removed and cleaned up and she has healed well, occasionally limping! Linnie was found with her litter of 6 puppies, starving and in poor condition. Linnie didn’t let anything slow her down, she has the most energy and she is dying for attention and love. All our volunteers try to spend time with her to calm her energy and give her much needed love and support. She is a well rounded dog and is currently a support dog for our tripod resident. Linnie is a sweet girl looking for a family to love and support her.

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